Our Structural Timber Engineers create the concept design and construction design for:
• two and three dimensional load-bearing structures made from solid and laminated wood: individual beams, tension structures, roof trusses, lattices, gridshells et reciprocal frames ;
• solid timber floors, cross laminated type, composite floors wood/concrete connection, dry floors;
• timber roofs for multi-layer waterproofing, membrane, zinc, metal and vegetative roofs ;
• vertical walls with timber frames, column beam and solid panels, cross laminated ;
• made to measure design for fasteners and hardware for all types of joints (built-in, concealed joints, etc.) ;
• diversity of materials: wood/concrete, wood/metal, prefabricated timber frame façades fitted onto concrete and/or metal supports.
We use specialised 3D design software that includes a direct interface with the digital control wood cutting machines.

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