Concrete is the most versatile of materials and provides the Engineer with a broad palette of structural options when developing a design. As a material it has a proven track record and is today well adapted to the requirements of sustainable design.
From its most simple use as an unreinforced foundation material to the complex elegance of exposed precast, concrete can encompass many types of structures and components. Terrell is at the forefront of concrete design and has a depth of experience in optimised reinforced concrete design, hybrid and composite construction where the efficiency and cost benefits of offsite precast concrete are married with the utility and flexibility of insitu concrete.
At Terrell we understand that concrete structures have physical properties that when used in the right contexts provide significant whole life savings to the cost of a building encapsulating the benefits of thermal mass, simplified acoustic separation and inherent fire protection. Optimised building structures must have an efficient floor system. Small changes in the design of a floor system can have significant impact on material costs, construction schedule, ultimate strength, operating costs, occupancy levels and end use of a building.
We believe in using the most up to date design tools to produce the most efficient concrete structures. We strive to produce the most cost effective, practical, well detailed concrete structures and are proud of our considerable track record in this field.

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