The Doha Tower designed, by French architect Jean Nouvel, was named Best Tall Building Worldwide 2012 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Peter Terrell attended the ceremony in Chicago to receive the award on behalf of the Terrell Group who were the engineers responsible for the structural and MEP design of the building.


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Terrell’s engineers and technicians have been involved in education for many years. Like the Toulouse office, which has just organised a workshop from 10 to 13 May for 24 students from the School of Architecture, in partnership with “L’Usine”, an officially recognised centre devoted to street arts.

This workshop, entitled "Think to Build, Build to understand", consists of inviting third-year students to design a small architectural object in the first semester, then to build it in four days in the form of an intensive project in the second semester.

This year, for the second edition, the theme was the design and construction of a timber (plywood) 50 m² dismantlable, modular auditorium. Of the 11 projects submitted by the students, the project by Benjamin Biard and Simon Rubin, an auditorium in the form of an inclined cube, whose ridge attained a height of 7 metres, was chosen after deliberation by the jury consisting of lecturers, students and “L’Usine”.

The Terrell team of (Guillaume Cordier and Guillaume Niel) then completed technical development of the project and all the construction drawings using Cadwork software. A computer model was also produced using RSA software to design all the components and bolted joints. It was also necessary to find all the partners who provided the materials in the form of training levy, representing more than €25,000 including taxes. Finally, of course, there was the site preparation (equipment, work stations, team rotations, tools, etc.) and supervision for 4 days.

The result was truly equal to expectation, with an ambitious structure, erected in the form of elements that were prefabricated on the ground using an overhead crane. The floor box girders are honeycomb bakelised plywood, the portals constituting the structural framework are standard and 3-ply plywood panels, and the cladding consists of bakelised plywood panels reinforced by a timber frame.

An exhibition on the subject of the workshop is being held at the Toulouse School of Architecture. Terrell would like to thank “L’Usine” for hosting the event, the students for their commitment, and the partner companies who supplied the materials: SATOB, Vivre en Bois, Sud Charpente, SFS, Thévenin, Simpson, Etanco and Panofrance.

It is a pleasure to be able to enable students to fulfil an architectural project. The endeavour will be repeated next year for its 3rd edition.




The 2nd ‘Matinale’ on the theme of “Wood Construction”, will be on 27th March from 08h00 to 10h30 in the Paris Terrell offices.

Please contact us if you would like to participate!

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